Anatomy of a Room: The Living Room Remix

Remember the burning living room sofa question? Well we did it, we moved the “nice” Room and Board sofas to the basement and the cheap Ikea sectional upstairs.

Living Room evolution

I know, the program that makes these is a little buggy, but you get the idea.


Perfectly lovely. Really, I like the way it looks in picture a lot. In real life, well, it just felt crowded and narrow.


Harder to photograph well with my current camera and not as pretty. But significantly more functional.

The layout was a bit of a trick with the parameters I gave myself. The desks under the window had to stay there, as Finn and the kids use them a lot for projects. I really wanted the gray patterned sofa to stay in the living room as well, as its one of my favorite pieces in the house. And I’d picked up a new chair that I wanted to work into the space. It took more time than I’d expected to figure out how to accommodate these three things in a functional and attractive way, but I think its working. For now. I may add a side table by the small sofa to anchor it and give the space some texture, but it would have to be very small.

As far as finishing up the sectional so stops screaming IKEA, I’ve ordered the mid-century legs from here for the Karlstad hack and I have buttons and extra fabric to tuft the sectional. The legs are on backorder and should be here mid-December. The tufting, well, we’ll see how long that takes me.

The new layout is much more functional for our family. The other arrangement looked good from all angles (when tidy), which I miss, but having the sofas in the middle of the very narrow room was severely limiting. There was only about 30 inches between the sofa and the shelves in the “hallway”. The sectional, with its new cover, is much more comfortable for lounging and reading, something we’ll be doing more of as we head into the cold winter months here. It also creates more open floor space, important for legos, dance parties, etc. And really, I need the living room to be functional and not limiting. But I also have to like looking at it everyday.

I like our coffee table, but might switch it out. Maybe something low and on wheels, that could roll under the couch when we wanted more floor space. And you’ll notice the new chair in the front of the room. I went to Ikea last week to return curtains and ended up winning one of their new Strandmon arm chairs as part of their anniversary celebrations or some such. I got it in the navy velveteen and it’s really lovely. Super comfy too. As you can see in the gif above, I tried to make it work with the sectional so I could sit in it to watch TV, but it just didn’t fit.

What do you think? Where do you compromise on form and function?

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