Happy Friday

What are you doing this weekend? I peeked into a fabulous exhibit at the MCA Chicago at a meeting on Wednesday, I’m looking forward to exploring it with the family this weekend. The kids can even climb on part of it. The Toy and Game Fair is in town too and promises interaction with inventors so I’m hoping we can check that out as well. And that it does not disappoint by being entirely too commercial. Will report back.

Lots of great links this week.

I must remember this in February.

Every child deserves teachers like these.

This project is amazing. What would you write?

“and home is like this too. it can be an expression of ourselves in a particular space and time, an invention that never stops evolving.”

10 really good ways to seize the day.

Oh Amazon. You are so good sometimes. Seriously, check it out. Horse heads.

Popcorn. One kernel at a time. Insane.

And here on the blog, in case you missed it, I shared some of my favorite gifts for boys as well as my eyes bigger than stomach holiday crafting issues. There was also the living room remix and my Craigslist take on a room from Rue. And who could forget the ever fabulous homemade laundry soap recipe.

See you next week. Probably in elastic waist pants.

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