Ugh. I have spent a good portion of my evening trying to reconcile myself to that blasted, I mean lovely, tree in the living room. The problem isn’t so much the tree, although I continue to think about getting a smaller one, as much as it is the furniture rearranging it necessitates. The gray sofa had been shoved in the office and tonight I had enough. Less than a week people, and I’m already done with the holiday clutter. I did warn you. Although tonight’s episode was as much about the office clutter as the holiday. We had just started dumping stuff on every horizontal surface as no one could get to the cabinets. Mess has a way of multiplying, much like stuffed animals. I couldn’t find anything and piles kept falling.

My problem now is balance. I think I could live with the tree if I felt like it fit in the room. I’m starting to wonder about adding curtains to that front window, to add height and much needed pattern, as well as soften and balance the space. I think I may be over the green rug too (Finn will be so happy, he hates that thing). I’m worried that curtains will just feel more cluttered though. What do you think?

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