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bike I, like many people, love Anthropologie. A lot. A shirt from there can dress up the blandest outfit and their home items are often just the right mix of modern and quirky. So when I saw this amazing copper bicycle posted by Design Mom from Anthropologie I gasped. And then I gasped again when I saw the price tag. $6000. Now don’t get me wrong, that is one seriously gorgeous bike. But yowsers. That is another lifestyle (Finn’s first comment was that they had combined the area thieves two favorite items in one). It had been a while since I’d taken a look at Anthropologie’s notorious Hobbies and Leisure section, so I wandered over to see what else was new. As usual it did not disappoint with the eye candy. Here are five of my favorites for the next time I have a few thousand discretionary dollars. Altair Tent, Anthropologie, $10,000 The Altair Tent “Does not include wood flooring or flags.” Obviously, the wood floor would warp in all that water. Seriously though, I’d camp in this. Or Glamp rather. $10,000. Yes $10,000. Rickshaw by Gordan Hull Anthropoloie $10000
RickshawI live in a bike friendly community and I need this rickshaw. How else will I get my children to school and run errands? Also, read the review. I really want it to be a real review. $10,000. garden games basket anthropologie $6500
Garden Games BasketI need this. So do you. My children will be excellent at cricket and rounders. And Quiots. I don’t know how I’ve never played that before, I must become expert immediately. $6500.

bamboo keyboard anthropologie
Bamboo Keyboard and MouseThis one is both attractive and affordable. I still like it. $98. At that price though, everyone will have one.

paddleboard anthro $6500
Paddleboard. A gorgeous, limited edition paddleboard inlaid with suzani fabric. They only made 12, so you can be sure you’ll stand out as you fall off. $6,500. They must think these will be a big seller, as they are offered in a dozen different patterns.


Which one of these will you run out and grab before they sell out?  Limited editions people.


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