Kid Crafts: Make a Terrarium

how to make a terrarium with kids

Emmeth and I wandered into West Elm this weekend (looking at their curtains, I’m still undecided) and she was captivated by their terrariums. We had still had rocks, lichen and soil at home from her birthday party last year, so I let her pick out a container and some plants to make a larger terrarium together. She didn’t really need my assistance though, so I served as documentarian. I even made a little Vine film of the process, although it seems to be sideways. Have you jumped on the vine app? This was my first video and it was really fun.

In case you’ve been living under a rock during the current terrarium craze, Emm and I put together a little tutorial for you. Truthfully, we left out some steps, but I’ve found that for open terraria like we’ve made, the charcoal and sand aren’t vital. If you want a true tutorial though, complete with video, Nicole has a great post on making a terrarium.

First, gather your materials. We had river rocks, succulent medium and a selection of plants. Choose plants with a variety of textures and heights to add interest to your finished work.
succulents close

Place a layer of rocks on the bottom of the vessel. Cover them with a layer of sand or other appropriate medium. Ours is a very dry potting medium suitable for succulents. Carefully place your plants in the soil or sand. Succulents are fragile, so be careful not to lose any leaves.

arrange plants

Tuck additional soil and rocks around the plants to stabilize and create your landscape. Finish the terrarium with lichen, small figurines or pebbles. Lichen is traditionally used in wet terrariums (ours is dry) that are planted with ferns and such, but if left dry it will do fine here. Emmeth liked the textural contrast with the spikey succulents she choose.

finished terrarium

And there you go. A simple indoor gardening project that looks fabulous. She’s super proud of it and was even more pleased that we’ll be keeping it out where she can show it off to any and all guests.

On another note, one of you lovely people nominated me for a Homie, Apartment Therapy’s annual award for blogs. Several more of you seem to have voted for me. I am beyond flattered, thank you! And if you’re so inclined, head over and vote for Designing Around, either for best home design and inspiration blog (seriously?) or best home project and diy blog (or, you know, both).

And in line with that, check out the brand new DIY Projects and Recipes pages I’ve created. All the projects are easier to find and sort through now. I’m still working on making it prettier. Baby blogging steps.


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