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This week, there were several posts on weight and society and perception and … They made me mad, they made me think, some of them made me cry. All of them made me think a lot about how we’re parenting our girl and how society will affect her. This stuff is not easy folks, and while there are some books on it, so far I have yet to see one that really gets it right. So, weekend reading. Report back. Converse. I’m throwing in some lighter links to balance things out.

Models retouched to hide the consequences of extreme thinness

How do you see yourself? (photo above via this post)

How should we talk to our children?

I found the content of this one, especially some of the comments, immensely frustrating.  It’s taken a couple people questioning me to make me try to articulate why. Here’s hoping this explanation makes sense. The article itself is deftly handled and well-written, so that is not my concern. I think, after reflection, what really drives me nuts about it is how discussing that woman’s article continues to frame the conversation in a way that both moves us forward while keeping things the same. It continues to make the discussion one about what we eat and how we diet and exercise. And it’s bigger than that. Especially for my family. So my response to that article comes from a very personal place, one of parenting an overweight child whose body is not caused by poor food choices and lack of exercise, and of a visceral reaction to the comments left on that article about overweight children. It is a reaction to judgement as well, both real and perceived.

Another way to see yourself.

Another great get in the picture post. 

First footage of a thought being formed.

Origami hearts. Making.

Ack! And here I thought I’d left high school far, far behind (via)

46 Great Early Childhood Blogs

Lies!  (via)

I’d really like some French Doors for my office. These would be perfect.

I need to do more of this. 

Anyone done a spending fast (And what does the existence of this say about how much we have)?

The decline of creativity. It’s an ongoing discussion in my other life. I think it’s not just on the schools (although I could go on and on about that). What do you do to encourage creative kids?  via

Memory library. I love this. via

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4 Responses to Friday Links

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  • Thanks for linking to the conversation on my blog. Sorry to hear it made you mad. While some of the comments infuriated me as well, I thought the article author, Amy Hackworth, did a wonderful job presenting a really sensitive topic.

    It’s certainly not the sort of topic that can be worked out and settled in one short post, but I think it’s so important to bring it up over and over again until we figure what conversations are working and which ones aren’t.

    • Kathryn says:

      The post itself didn’t make me mad, just that the conversation (especially in the comments) centers around thinking that any overweight child just needs to eat healthy and exercise. It’s so much more than that often and yes, the conversation needs to be brought up over and over. It’s still going to make me mad, because important conversations raise strong feelings. And, as I tweeted, I’m thankful to you and others for making me think this week. Even if some of those thoughts were angry and frustrated :)

  • Cheltz says:

    I wish I knew the solution to this, but I don’t :(. I’m sure parents can be an immense help or hinderance, but I’m also not sure it’s completely in their hands. My sister and I have similar body types, but think differently about our bodies, and we’re from the exact same family :/. Best of luck with Emmeth!! (And congrats on the comment from Gabrielle? :)

    P.S. My comment didn’t make you mad or cry did it? So hard for me to know on this topic. Not my intent, if it did :).

    • Kathryn says:

      Not at all, thank you for your thoughts. And this is such a personal, sensitive topic, that so many people have such strong opinions on (including me, clearly). I think it’s impossible to write about without offending somebody and, as I’m learning today, also impossible to repost for discussion without creating more questions. And yes, it was lovely of Gabrielle to be willing to enter the discussion on this tiny blog as well as creating the forum on her own. I still need to remember that people who don’t know me read this and that if I’m going to put something out there, I need to put it all out there so that I’m clear with my thoughts to start the discussion.

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