Quick and Easy Valentine’s Cards

roan valentine

It happens to me every year. I forget about getting all the Valentine’s cards for the kids school parties together. Somehow it’s more of a project than any other holiday. This year I was surprised by the home school co-op having a Valentine’s party too. With Emmeth in fifth grade I had thought I might get away with ignoring it entirely, but no such luck. Thank goodness for crafty people on the internet. Above are the ones we made, inspired by this project. His hand will hold a lollipop, which as you can see I still need to pick up (truthfully, I also still need to print them). Considering we have a Walgreens at the end of the street, that really shouldn’t be so hard.

Here are some of the runners-up.

valentines collage

Felted pencil wraps, origami cards, celebration bags and those cute little hand cards. And just for fun, here’s a fabulous project I should start working on now for next year. Little flip books from the Etsy blog by You are my fave.  Isn’t it sweet?

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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