The Lego Scourge


I have children. Which means I have legos. A toy that, like most moms, I have a love/hate relationship with. I love them because my child will play with them, mostly unattended, for extended periods of time. I hate them because, well, yes. Most of the time, my living room looks like this. Minus the bed (I need to show you guys that project). I had some trouble finding a good picture of the mess, despite its daily occurence. Strangely it’s not something I’ve felt compelled to document.

Our lego collection isn’t insane, we have enough for two – four children to comfortably build with, depending on how big their projects get. We have a swoop bag full of general bits and a bin of technic parts, plus a rotating pile of projects. They live in the living room because Roan will play with them unattended, which means I can work from home while he plays near me. And we have a rule, any toys that get played with upstairs have to be tidied up at the end of the day. I need a couple of hours each night where I don’t have to see brightly colored plastic. But I still had to look at the bins and containers, which just didn’t fit with the rest of the room. A couple of weeks ago I decided I’d had enough. I wanted some way to store these things that I could stand to look at and keep in the living room.

A quick search for “pretty lego storage” yielded the following.

LLW - the model shop (LEGO storage)

Both of which are fine, but not something I want to see in my living room. Basement, sure. Kids bedroom, ok. My space, no thank you. And while they are pretty, we just don’t have that much of the stuff. I ran out to see what I could find and came back with two lidded baskets from Homegoods.

The small one holds the swoop bag of general legos and the large one holds the technics bin, large board and projects in process.

swoop basket close

large basket detail

They live here.
lego bin 2

Much better. I’m curious, how do you deal with the toy storage issue? Any toys that drive you bonkers?


“pretty lego storage” from I Heart Organizing and Noosh Loves.

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13 Responses to The Lego Scourge

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  • Cheltz says:

    The bed was the first thing I saw in that first photo :). And yes, those baskets look much better than the stuff in the google search (that’s a lot of Legos!). Our downstairs toys and diapers are stored in the china cabinet in the living room. I have a tiered plant stand with some books in it. Everything else needs to be cleaned up before dinner.

  • Joanne Vena says:

    Your post brings back memories. For Daniel’s fifth birthday , he got twelve Lego kits that lived in our living room for months. My solution was the divide and conquer approach . A container for the living room with another container in the basement and another container in his room. Even at 19 years old, I find the Legos pulled out in the basement and I think there is an emergency bag of Legos in his room.

    I am a fan of baskets- they look great and hide all sins- right now I have a basket of knitting stuff, a basket of magazines and a basket of polar tech blankets in my living room and several baskets of misc toys in the basement.

  • Amy says:

    Great post. We have too many Legos to do this. Sadly, my son loves the boxed kit$. Ya know, the $70+ ones. I really think we have well over $1000 in Legos. Pathetic. Anyway, I’m considering putting them all together & then filing all instruction booklets in a 3-ring binder. Problem is finding those little pieces, or rather needed pieces, in with all the other 45,000 pieces. Sigh. It’s an ongoing dilemma!!!

    • Kathryn says:

      I have all our instructions in a magazine file. It’s crazy how fast these things add up. Roan is into the robotics stuff – the next kit he wants is $300. He might start getting one present a year at that rate.

      • Melissa says:

        Last time my son wanted a really expensive kit (too expensive for any one gift giver), I suggested to family members that they get him Lego gift cards. He saved them all up, plus some other money he had saved, and had the fun of buying it himself.

  • Jules says:

    Haha! I have the same problem with those same links. Well, the second link…that’s just too many Legos. I’m storing the Legos in the boys’ room and I still can’t get into the plastic cubbies.

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