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Isn’t this print cute? Emmeth is currently loving owls, I’d love to get this for her room. Alas, it’s not available here. Oh well. On to some fun links for your weekend reading. We’ll start with the most important.

How to know if that zombie report on the news is real.

The evolution of the mom dance.  Brilliant.

Recognizing we all need a little help. Or a lot of help. Villages. 

I, personally, live with a small creature who beatboxes constantly. Constantly. If you do not however, this is a fun alternative.

How do you deal with bullying?  

Coding is something that’s still quite intimidating to me, but this is inspiring me to put more effort into it. And to make sure my kids learn. via

What a beautiful story. via

front room collage

And in case you missed them, some of my favorite posts from the last couple weeks.
Why I keep showing you my living room.
I finally finished the dining room.
And then I decided to finish it some more.

Have a lovely weekend my peeps (does anyone still say that?). Emmeth will be singing Broadway tunes with her choir on Sunday, I’m looking forward to embarrassing her by singing along.

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4 Responses to Friday Links

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  • Cheltz says:

    That is a cute print! I never thought I’d jump on the zombie bandwagon, but I had a dream this week our house was attacked by them. Someone threw us light sabers in the nick of time. Pretty intense!

  • Susie says:

    Kat, I love the bullying piece, so insightful. Thank you! Now if only I can figure out how to zoom it back in a time machine to my former 10-year old self. I would have welcomed the guidance as I waded through my first of many weird stages :)

    “It involves trusting people to become something wonderful, as opposed to insisting that they fit in at all costs.”

    • Kathryn says:

      Right? I’d be so much better at figuring out how to guide my children through this if I had any idea how to deal with it myself. And I love that quote too. I printed it out to remember.

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