Kitchen Scheming

kitchen collage

Ever since we painted the dining room and kitchen, I’ve been pondering a mini-reno. Changing door fronts and counters is mini, right? Our house is so wonky, what we think of as actual renovation involves ripping up floors and walls and we’re not going that far. Yet (we’re not, Finn, I promise). And as much as I’d like to switch out the lighting and fix the electrical, in our old house that’s a whole other budget.

When I painted the dining room, on a whim I decided to paint the back of the island as well. We’d just put some plywood up there when we installed the kitchen years ago, always intending to do “something” to it. So why not. Because we both liked it a lot is why not. This is what happens when you try new things people, you start to get ideas.

island from hall

It looks nice gray. It’s not what I want it to end up as, matching the walls, but it’s heading in the right direction. The counter, though, is too dark. The counter is laminate and the edges are chipped, replacing it has been on the agenda for a while. And while we’re at it, we’re thinking about tackling the cabinet doors. We mis-measured the counter when we installed it and it’s slightly back of the sink doors. Which have warped and peeled from years of water dripping. So they need to be replaced. The drawer handles are also warped from years of a certain little boy using them as a ladder to the counter tops (the little girl never did this, btw).

bent handles

So they need to be replaced. And so on. So we’re looking at painting/replacing the cabinet doors and replacing the counter. Not too crazy. I’d like to fix this stair/stove/pantry weirdness too.

stairs from island

stove stairs

Moving the stairs isn’t actually that tricky or expensive, but I need to think more about how we’d account for losing all that storage. The pantry is 48″ x 80″, it holds a lot. The space that would be left next to the stove after turning the stairs would only accommodate a 30″ cabinet. We could install some drawers to run under the stairs, but it would still require some minimizing and reconfiguring. Not impossible, but I’m not quite sure how to make it work yet.

As you can see in the collage above, I’m leaning towards a two-tone cabinet look with white counters. I think navy or a really, really dark gray on the island, with white on the others. We have Ikea cabinets, so we’ll likely just switch in new doors. We’re going to try painting the island doors, but if that doesn’t work we’ll switch those out too. I’m not holding my breath that painting over Ikea laminate will produce durable results. I need to decide on a door profile and a counter material. Something easy to maintain, as I have enough going on in my life without having to remember to seal the counter. Any recommendations? Anyone done white cabinets with kids, will I forever be wiping grubbiness off them?


Inspiration kitchen sources here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 

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