Weekend Reading


There are little people running in and out of my house today looking for bug jars (and then the bug book), a sure sign that spring is finally ready to stay put for a bit. This charming streamer tent above would be the perfect addition to the backyard parties I keep thinking we’ll have. Eventually. When we plant some trees.

When you’re ready to take a break from playing outside, here’s 7 great articles for your weekend reading.

  1. This 17-year-old creates the most beautiful origami designs
  2. A year without the internet. via
  3. Allowing boys to be boys. All kinds of boys.
  4. Book reviews by kids.
  5. Mindful parenting.
  6. Accepting and loving your home. As is.
  7. Amazing.  via.

Hope the rest of your weekend is just perfect.


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  • Cheltz says:

    A year without the Internet — I’m pulling more and more in that direction. And I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Yet.

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