It Keeps Going and Going

Dear July:

I feel like we have this conversation every year. It’s not you, it’s me. And maybe it’s you. You’re just so very much. June is lovely with her newness and freedom and promises of forever. July, you’re just hot. And not the good kind of hot.  The kind that really makes me want an afternoon nap. Instead, I have to walk the dog and take the kids to the pool. I’m tired of always feeling gross and sweaty and sticky. My kids smell too, they are no longer charming to cuddle. Also, I hate shorts. I need a better cool weather wardrobe option.

July you are not June. July, my summer is running out because Emmeth is going to all day theatre camp soon and then middle school so I’ve got to squeeze in the family fun. And you keep making the garden grow. I can’t keep up with the garden insanity July. The kids want to play outside, go to the beach, to the pool, go for bike rides, have fun. And so do I. But no one does the laundry or the grocery shopping if I go do these things apparently.  Also, July you’re a little close to August,which means I should probably get on that curriculum planning for Roan.  And find a new sitter. Oh August. Let’s not start yet, I’m in complete denial about you.

However. I do like all the fresh produce, so that’s nice. I like sending the kids out of the house to play. I like walks in the early morning or evening.  I like ice cream. I like having an excuse to have it more often. Sometimes even for dinner (stop judging me July). I like that July is homework free.  I like that in July I can work short weeks.  I like having an excuse to build cool things, like the fun bike sprinkler we made for the block party. I like seeing our neighbors and friends wandering the neighborhood, kids running in and out of the house.

So, July that’s two paragraphs of complaint to one of praise. Not too bad I guess.  Better than I thought you’d do. If it makes you feel better, your score is still higher than February’s. February has no redeeming qualities.

You have 10 days to redeem yourself July. That or keep doing what you’re doing, just send me a free household helper so I can find that elusive “balance” I hear so much about.


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4 Responses to It Keeps Going and Going

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  • Laura says:

    I hear you… I always pressure myself to “make the most” of summer, but you can only fit so much in. If you find the balance, let me know… I’m looking for it too!

    New blog design? Like it! I’m in the process of doing one myself right now as well.

    • Kathryn says:

      Thanks. I have to get used to it :) It’s the same woman who designed my last one, I like her minimal style. Thank goodness for etsy, I lack the skills to design anything myself.

  • Cheltz says:

    Oh, I love July. I think your one paragraph is bigger in my mind, than your two complaint ones, even though I feel all the same things (well, similar things …)

    And it’s about time you got to work on a new layout. That old one was so stale :).

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