Trim on the Kitchen Island

island after

The details are taking forever with this kitchen, but finally crossing them off the list (this one after ten years!) is so, so good. When we first demoed the kitchen we were so overwhelmed with what needed to be done with the rest of the house we got it to functional and moved on, never finishing all the little things that make a room look planned. I’m determined that won’t happen this time. Finally adding trim around the island is a relatively small project, but it makes a big difference in the space.

Here’s where we started this time around, just six months ago.
kitchen and headshots 001

Three months in, we reached the point at which I would usually move on. The major players were in place,  the room was pretty good and definitely functional.
kitchen reno june 2013 002

Not this time though. After much debate, we ended up adding a fairly simple framing detail to the back and sides.

Using 1×4 to create the vertical bars, as well as run along the top, with 1×6 along the bottom.
unpainted from hall
The floor slopes about 1 inch towards the windows, as half the room used to be a porch, so we used a larger sheep’s foot molding to cover the gap.
unpainted detail
A little putty, a little caulk, a little paint (Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy) and finally, the island looks finished.

island after

Up next, creating a “cabinet” to go around the fridge, adding molding to the upper cabinet, installing the plinth, and finally figuring out lighting. Progress.

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