Kitchen Pendant Choices

ranarp pendant Ikea has a new lighting line (Ranarp) that I’m coveting. Clean lines, white with brass detail, and nicely styled. And affordable. I went to check them out in person the other day and realized that I could potentially use the pendants in our kitchen and expand the track. Ikea’s track is much more attractive than what we have and replacing it wouldn’t be crazy. While I was there though, I saw this pendant (Hektar)as well. Now I can’t decide which one I want. 78b0c238bc32ba3246c8e2c897a5347e What do you think? I like the white and think it ties in well, but I also like the contrast of the dark grey and it’s connection to the dining room walls. Here, I’ve had my helper place them for reference. 7d4e5a7c416411e3895f22000a9e4895_8 I know, that didn’t really help me either (and he’d been gamely holding them up one at a time for a while at this point, thus the less than enthusiastic look about one more for a picture). The poor iPhone photo does illustrate just how badly we need to fix the lighting situation.  And yes, my kid was on my kitchen counter with his bare feet. Whatever, I cleaned it later.

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