DIY Brass Pendant Lights

DIY Pipe lights for $100

Finally. The kitchen has lights. In truth it’s had lights for several weeks now, but there’s been very little times when the kitchen clean while it was light enough to get a decent picture. I know, my life is hard.

When last we spoke I was soliciting pendant advice and bemoaning the necessity of track lighting in our kitchen. With it’s three different ceiling heights and limited light box options (without major electrical work), I felt we were stuck with at least semi-ugly. Luckily Finn had other ideas.

DIY Pipe lights from hall

Behold, the DIY Brass Pendant lights. Designed by Finn to accommodate our crazy ceiling and electrical issues. Added bonus of being both more attractive and cheaper than any of the other options ($100 for three lights!). Plus they coordinate nicely with the Lindsey Adelman light he built last year.

A closer look at the ceiling issues. Original kitchen ceiling, header, and the lower ceiling from what used to be an enclosed porch. Fun stuff.

close up

ceiling view

I may add some glass shades, although the bare bulbs aren’t bad. And along the shelves we added simple Ikea clamp lights, which Finn wired to run from one switch. Not ideal, but it works for now. The lights are built from simple lamp parts from Grand Brass. Let me know if you want a tutorial.

clamp lights

And just because I finally replaced all the dead plants with live ones, my little glass globe terraria. Dust free and full of living plants. For the moment anyway.

glass terrariums

And a final shot of the lights on. Shiny!

kitchen lights 035


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