A Layered Bedroom in Navy, Gray, and Brass

navy gray and brass bedroom www.designingaround.com

As I was putting together the January collection for Houzz (A Layered Bedroom in Navy, Gray, and Brass – wonder where I got that idea?) I realized I’d never shared pics of our finished space. While I’m still playing with the gallery wall, the bedroom reboot has been mostly finished for quite a while. Oops.

navy gray and brass bedroom www.designingaround.com

Rather than a complete redesign with all new furnishings, the only new things in the space are the textiles – the curtains, bedding and sheepskin rug. The remainder were re-purposed from other rooms, as per my usual rearranging. I stole a nightstand from the guest room, moved the gray sofa out of the living room (and got it stuck coming upstairs).

gallery wall

Because really, how often can we just start over? We all use what we have, just re-imagining how it will be used in our lives. I also removed a lot of clutter. So much clutter. Why do I always have so much stuff?

finn dressers

kat dressers

I like to tell myself that the linen duvet is charmingly rumpled. It’s certainly cozy, with a nice weight to it for the crazy polar vortex winter we’ve had here.

navy gray and brass bedroom

I really liked the way Nicole had designed the space, but I’m also enjoying the lack of pattern there now, much more than I thought I would at the start.

It is less designed than it was before. Part of me misses the polish. The sofa looks odd between the dressers. But I really like that little sofa and it’s nice to have a place to sit and cuddle with a child or put on shoes (and throw all the dirty laundry on instead of putting it in the basket). So it stays.

dressers and sofa

What I realized through this was just how much more comfortable I am when I allow myself to stick with the colors I consistently like. I like yellow and blue, but what I really like, what I wear all the time as well, is gray and navy. My house has a uniform. And that’s ok.

gallery wall

I continuously gravitate towards grays and blues. And I think I’m figuring out how to make my home work with this more monotone scheme. We shall see. I took lots of pictures today, as the house was finally clean and the light was ok. So I’ll be sharing the rooms over the next bit and you can let me know.

And since I’m sharing the #myrealhouse over on Instagram, here are the outtakes from today’s photos.

laundry and donations
Laundry and the donations pile that kept moving around the room to stay out of the shots. I guess I haven’t really decluttered till I actually take the crap out of my house.

stair well
Rejected decor and scraped paint in the stairwell from the sofa debacle.

And finally, how my bed usually looks.


DIY projects in this room:

Wreath. Barn Door. Headboard.


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