My Real House Update

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I’ve been overwhelmed with the response to the my real house 365 Instagram project *. More importantly, I’ve been inspired. It’s interesting to see the quirkiness of others homes. This tag is not only an opportunity to air your dirty laundry (and dishes), it’s a chance to feel that doing so means you are living life. And within that life of everyday messes and chores, there is an opportunity to notice the beauty. Like these.

And beyond. The beauty that comes from remembering moments. Even moments that are fraught with stress and frustration.

And the brilliance of washable slipcovers.

And the brilliance of washable slip covers.

Thank you all for sharing. For connecting. And if you haven’t yet, check out the #myrealhouse stream (is that what it’s called?).  There are now 177 photos there. And join us. If you don’t have Instagram, you can post to the Designing Around fb page. Start with your messiest. It’s like a band-aid, just rip it off and don’t worry. It’s really not painful at all. Unless you forgot to shave. Cause we all know that hurts like a …


*A huge part of the community being developed here is due to the efforts of of Julie Burwell. Go check her out, she’s awesome. You can find her here. And here

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