family photos www.designingaround.com Hi, I’m Kathryn. Designing Around is about working with what you have, whether you’re engaging in home renovations, furniture rearranging or simple homemaking. I, personally, like a design challenge. Or perhaps I’ve just learned to like them, as our charming 1923 bungalow was clearly built by drunk squirrels.

I’ve spent years working around the challenges of our century old home, slowly renovating our small bungalow on a budget, finding ways to make this crazy house, where nothing is built to any sort of code and there are almost no closets, modern and family friendly. I design around narrow living spaces, a complete lack of storage, low ceilings, and surprising building structures in this  house in which nothing is level or square, forcing it to meet the demands of active, growing children and general life. And  I bet you do too.


I like Cadbury crème eggs, but think Peeps are disgusting. I read voraciously (anything but westerns or horror) and have a serious aversion to clutter. I’d like to be crafty, but am completely lacking in the necessary patience, love gardening in the spring and generally start ignoring it in July, and am a pretty good baker. Sometimes I post recipes. I have degrees in English Literature and Dance and used to think I’d go back for a Ph.D., but that’s looking less and less appealing. I read far too many blogs and need to exercise more. And by more I pretty much mean at all. Goodness, this is getting confessional.

I over-analyze most things. I’m kinda forgetful, unless its one of the many things I’m compulsive about. I can come across as cranky if I’m not careful. Which I’m not always. I like to swear. Particularly in front of my mother, because she tells me not to. And I still end my sentences in prepositions, despite a degree in English and a career in education. Yep, they either end in prepositions, run on forever or are just fragments. I’m such a rule breaker.

You can find my house tour here and my Apartment Therapy house tour here. Some fun DIY projects here, with building ideas and the occasional craft. Some idea boards I’ve done for friends and family (I’ll do one for you too if you like) here if you’re looking to get started on a new space. If you want to follow along (please do!) you can subscribe here. And then there’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Whew.

I can be reached via email at kathryn@designingaround.com. And I love new followers, so I hope I’ll see you around!

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