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Happy Friday


It’s this kid’s 7th (7!) birthday next week (related, I aged about 10 years with the photo above) and we’ve been prepping for his party this weekend.

rocket launcher

Aside from answering “how long till my party” about 10 times a day, the boys have built a compressor powered rocket launcher. Because what’s a party without rockets? And I need to get on the cake baking train.

Some good reads for the weekend.

Thanks so much for all your kind words and advice last week. This parenting thing, it’s not for the weak. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Happy Friday!

HPIM5315 jen folks med w sig

This lovely painting of my grandparents by an artist friend of my mother’s makes me happy.

Other things making me happy this week.

Have a lovely weekend. Finn’s chaperoning Emmeth’s fifth grade camping trip this weekend, so Roan and I are on our own. We’ll be making this rocket in preparation for his hacker scouts meeting Sunday. He’s beginning to think that only Finn can do that sort of stuff so it’s clearly time to set him straight.

Weekend Reading


There are little people running in and out of my house today looking for bug jars (and then the bug book), a sure sign that spring is finally ready to stay put for a bit. This charming streamer tent above would be the perfect addition to the backyard parties I keep thinking we’ll have. Eventually. When we plant some trees.

When you’re ready to take a break from playing outside, here’s 7 great articles for your weekend reading.

  1. This 17-year-old creates the most beautiful origami designs
  2. A year without the internet. via
  3. Allowing boys to be boys. All kinds of boys.
  4. Book reviews by kids.
  5. Mindful parenting.
  6. Accepting and loving your home. As is.
  7. Amazing.  via.

Hope the rest of your weekend is just perfect.


Happy Friday


Happy Friday my dears! It’s spring break here, which means I’ve been playing hookey from everything, spending time out of town visiting twee little cupcake shops, fighting crazy crowds in the largest children’s museum in the world, eating a crazy good burger and generally ignoring the rest of the world. It’s finally warmed up in Chicago, so now that we’re back I’m excited to open some windows this weekend and get outside. Hooray for almost spring!

Some fun links.(although my stats tell me most of you have ditched the computer this week as well)


Have a lovely weekend!

Links & Things and Things & Links


I’m combining all the posts this week. Lots of stuff to covet, projects to attempt and interesting reads. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week trying to get rid of some of the furniture and odds and ends that we no longer need and will spend the weekend doing more of the same, so it feels a bit odd to do a post just focusing on more stuff. That said, I like to look at pretty things. And on this gray, rainy day I especially like to think about riding a pretty green bike and having garden parties. Soon, right?


Some projects, mostly Easter related, I may or may not attempt with the kids. The egg stack is not something we’ll repeat, but it’s super cool. Mr. Printables, where it’s from, is a new favorite for crafty ideas.

And finally, some links for the weekend.

This list of Things I want my daughter to know is lovely.

A great article on doubt. I can’t wait till Emm is old enough to read Rookie, it’s so good.

Lots of great ideas (including my basement) in this working with what you have link-up.

I put this in the Things graphic too, I really want to try it this weekend. Wallpapering walls with gift wrap – genius!

Amazing jewelry from paperclips. Click through to the link on paperclip chandeliers too.

This site for maker kids. We just registered Roan, he’s prepping his first post as I type. So cool.

Sparktruck’s new kick starter. Check out the cool kid running their mini-truck at 2:18.

The latest Sweet Paul magazine is full of wonderful stuff as always.

And the picture links.
Bike stuff. Bed. Tape. Shoes. Tunic. Lights. Owl. Bubbles. Salt Dough Eggs. Easter Tree.


Have a lovely weekend!

Friday Links


Isn’t this print cute? Emmeth is currently loving owls, I’d love to get this for her room. Alas, it’s not available here. Oh well. On to some fun links for your weekend reading. We’ll start with the most important.

How to know if that zombie report on the news is real.

The evolution of the mom dance.  Brilliant.

Recognizing we all need a little help. Or a lot of help. Villages. 

I, personally, live with a small creature who beatboxes constantly. Constantly. If you do not however, this is a fun alternative.

How do you deal with bullying?  

Coding is something that’s still quite intimidating to me, but this is inspiring me to put more effort into it. And to make sure my kids learn. via

What a beautiful story. via

front room collage

And in case you missed them, some of my favorite posts from the last couple weeks.
Why I keep showing you my living room.
I finally finished the dining room.
And then I decided to finish it some more.

Have a lovely weekend my peeps (does anyone still say that?). Emmeth will be singing Broadway tunes with her choir on Sunday, I’m looking forward to embarrassing her by singing along.

Friday Links


This week, there were several posts on weight and society and perception and … They made me mad, they made me think, some of them made me cry. All of them made me think a lot about how we’re parenting our girl and how society will affect her. This stuff is not easy folks, and while there are some books on it, so far I have yet to see one that really gets it right. So, weekend reading. Report back. Converse. I’m throwing in some lighter links to balance things out.

Models retouched to hide the consequences of extreme thinness

How do you see yourself? (photo above via this post)

How should we talk to our children?

I found the content of this one, especially some of the comments, immensely frustrating.  It’s taken a couple people questioning me to make me try to articulate why. Here’s hoping this explanation makes sense. The article itself is deftly handled and well-written, so that is not my concern. I think, after reflection, what really drives me nuts about it is how discussing that woman’s article continues to frame the conversation in a way that both moves us forward while keeping things the same. It continues to make the discussion one about what we eat and how we diet and exercise. And it’s bigger than that. Especially for my family. So my response to that article comes from a very personal place, one of parenting an overweight child whose body is not caused by poor food choices and lack of exercise, and of a visceral reaction to the comments left on that article about overweight children. It is a reaction to judgement as well, both real and perceived.

Another way to see yourself.

Another great get in the picture post. 

First footage of a thought being formed.

Origami hearts. Making.

Ack! And here I thought I’d left high school far, far behind (via)

46 Great Early Childhood Blogs

Lies!  (via)

I’d really like some French Doors for my office. These would be perfect.

I need to do more of this. 

Anyone done a spending fast (And what does the existence of this say about how much we have)?

The decline of creativity. It’s an ongoing discussion in my other life. I think it’s not just on the schools (although I could go on and on about that). What do you do to encourage creative kids?  via

Memory library. I love this. via



I know. It’s been a while. I’ve actually written a bunch of posts. In my head. Taking time off was nice. Really, really nice. I’ve just been holed up with the family, going to work as needed, having a bit of a time out. Thinking about what this space should be still. There’s so much pressure when you start a blog now – you must find your niche, have a Facebook page, do the twitter, curate your pinterest boards, be well designed, connect with other bloggers – it’s too much. It makes this much less fun. Mostly because I’m a little on the competitive side and I like to be good at things. I don’t just want to have a blog, if I’m honest with myself, I want to have a successful blog. Which sometimes feels silly, but really is about sharing and community.  And recognition (cause my house is pretty, yo). And money, because everyone knows freelance writing is where the real money is.

So, baby steps moving forward. I’m defining my niche, for the moment, as lifestyle, in particular my lifestyle. Which means, as near as I can tell, whatever I want it to (take that, silly SEO stuff I don’t understand). I like homemaking (there I said it). Not Martha perfect homemaking, there’s not a toilet brush pretty enough to make me think cleaning the bathroom is a good time (nope, not even if it’s from Germany) or that I need the perfect space for my collections (I don’t collect). Those things are fine, but they’re not me. But I like to create a pretty and functional home for myself and my family, I like a clean and organized space and I like to look at and think about things that will make those things possible. I’m going to post projects and home design-y stuff that I connect with, which tends to be beautiful, mostly minimal and practical – things that work for a family and for spaces that aren’t level and square (or large, with full height ceilings). I also like to cook, although with a similar philosophy. I like food that tastes really good but doesn’t take forever to prep. You want complicated, layered meals, well, you come over when Finn’s cooking (seriously, the boy can cook). I like to do things with my children – whether it’s homeschool-y projects, crafts or baking.  And frequently I like to commiserate about the trials of parenting my intense little brood (can you call two a brood?), although I do that more on the Facebook. And I like to garden, at least in the spring. Really, I like to set up my yard to look nice and then leave it alone, other than rearranging the plants.

I hope you all like these things too and that reading about them sounds interesting. I’d like start conversations here on how we find beauty in our spaces, despite their limitations, what steps, products, tips are useful for feeling like you can take charge of your home and create a space that is pretty and functional. Those seem to be the questions I get most from friends who visit my home in person, how do you create a functional space and curate your home. And I’d like to be a resource for simple homemaking, projects in home, kitchen, garden and family that work together and improve our lives, because I find those interesting and fun (it is rather astonishing how long it took me to admit that to myself). We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, below are some fun links to things that are, generally, nothing at all to do with homemaking. I’m such a rebel. To hell with that silly niche idea (also, sometimes I swear. You should know that by now).

Marie Osmond performs Dada poetry. Yes she does.


Best SNL skits of the year. 


David Sedaris reads 50 shades of Gray. via

Cute new stuff from Ikea coming in February.

Clothes shopping for men (spoiler, they actually leave with what they went in for). via


No Death Star for the United States


That’s not what I was looking for. 





Happy Friday

Well hello there. It’s been a while since I had time to do put together a Happy Friday post (and yes, it’s Saturday). Hope your holidays have been full of love and laughter. Here are some fun links to take you into the new year.



We still haven’t seen any significant snow (c’mon Chicago, what gives?) but the snow lantern above is at the top of my try it out list when we do. Maybe some of you with snow already can let me know how it works.

The Leap Year Project. I love this.

As a dancer, I highly recommend you all learn this one immediately. via

Ipad wallpapers. I like the mumbly one.

I’m feeling a bit like this after the holidays. You? I've Got No Brain! by Simone Lia

Bored kids? Here are some fun projects to keep them busy.

And if that’s not enough, how about making this fun garland?

I kind of want this. What is happening to me?

This new book prototype looks amazing!

And just in case you’ve burned through your new book stash already, a site that suggests new books based on your favorites.

Happy Friday

What are you doing this weekend? I peeked into a fabulous exhibit at the MCA Chicago at a meeting on Wednesday, I’m looking forward to exploring it with the family this weekend. The kids can even climb on part of it. The Toy and Game Fair is in town too and promises interaction with inventors so I’m hoping we can check that out as well. And that it does not disappoint by being entirely too commercial. Will report back.

Lots of great links this week.

I must remember this in February.

Every child deserves teachers like these.

This project is amazing. What would you write?

“and home is like this too. it can be an expression of ourselves in a particular space and time, an invention that never stops evolving.”

10 really good ways to seize the day.

Oh Amazon. You are so good sometimes. Seriously, check it out. Horse heads.

Popcorn. One kernel at a time. Insane.

And here on the blog, in case you missed it, I shared some of my favorite gifts for boys as well as my eyes bigger than stomach holiday crafting issues. There was also the living room remix and my Craigslist take on a room from Rue. And who could forget the ever fabulous homemade laundry soap recipe.

See you next week. Probably in elastic waist pants.

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