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Yarn Bombs

Magda Sayeg stairs

Honestly, I’ve never really been that into the yarn bomb stuff, at least on trees. There was quite a bit of it in Oak Park  two or three years ago (there are still remnants). It always seemed to be trying too hard and was constantly unraveling. Also, I happen to think trees are pretty, even unadorned. This work, however, by the original yarn bomber Magda Sayeg is pretty darn cool. Those stairs are gorgeous, although I wonder how long they last.

Magda Sayeg trees

Magda Sayeg bus

I can even get into those trees, done in multiples before the White House. And that bus is just awesome.

basket bomb tree

Next fiber art trend? If Oak Park is any indication, basket bombing.


New Ikea

ikea stockholm 2013

Ikea just announced their new Stockholm line, arriving in stores in August. Their items have a habit of looking better in photographs than in person, but these photos look pretty good. Nice design, perhaps nice materials as well. Green, yellow and white, with natural wood and charcoal bring the collection’s color scheme together.

ikea bedding

ikea rug

ikea table

We’re in search of new dining room chairs. These may be the ones (they come in green as well). Any items catch your eye?

Green sofa via. All others via.

Thursdays Things: A Tween Birthday Gift

movie accessories

This week’s Thursday’s Things is not about what I’m coveting, but rather what the tween girl in the house desires. The tall one among my two turns 11 on May 11th. Her golden birthday apparently. I don’t know if this is a midwest thing or a new thing, but I’d never heard of it till a few years ago.  So this birthday is supposed to be extra special. We’re pretty much just doing what we’d always do, except saying “golden birthday” (which, seriously, sounds really weird) like we’re doing something different. I mean, she’s having a party, at our house, where the kids do a craft, eat pizza and watch a movie. Pretty much what she’s wanted to do for every birthday for the past four years. I’m good with that, simple and easy.

Her birthday present request, however, was not so easy. She loves to write plays and direct her friends. She loves to make little movies. This year she asked for movie making equipment. Specifically, her own camera. Given that she’s only kind of responsible, we weren’t sure we wanted to invest money in something she might well lose or break.   Plus we had a couple older, but still quite functional, cameras on hand that she could use. The trick would be making the gift of “old stuff”, especially “old stuff” she’d already used, feel like a birthday present.

We never had a real case for either camera (an older canon and a flip video), so  I picked up cases for each in her current favorite color. I found a decal for the flip to make it feel a little new. A tripod and a kid-friendly animation book round out the offerings. I’m looking for a microphone, as I’ve noticed it’s often hard to hear them speaking on her videos, but haven’t found one yet. And of course, we already have a computer with basic editing software. I think it’s a pretty good gift, even if part of it includes items she’s already had access to for a while. Not everything needs to be new, right?


Case 1. Case 2. Decal. Tripod. Book. 

Thursday’s Things

mothers day gifts from etsy


Mother’s Day is generally a low-key event here, as Emm’s birthday always falls right around the date (this year it’s her golden birthday on the 11th) and we live far from family. I still like to think of little things for my Mom though, of course, as she’s pretty darn super. Without giving away my ideas for her, I’ve put together 6 great gift ideas, all from Etsy. A paper flower package, all wrapped up for you, a print featuring a quote from her favorite book, a new bag in a modern print, a lovely bracelet, a minimal desk organizer, or some charming modern pottery. What do you like to do for Mother’s Day?

Links & Things and Things & Links


I’m combining all the posts this week. Lots of stuff to covet, projects to attempt and interesting reads. I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week trying to get rid of some of the furniture and odds and ends that we no longer need and will spend the weekend doing more of the same, so it feels a bit odd to do a post just focusing on more stuff. That said, I like to look at pretty things. And on this gray, rainy day I especially like to think about riding a pretty green bike and having garden parties. Soon, right?


Some projects, mostly Easter related, I may or may not attempt with the kids. The egg stack is not something we’ll repeat, but it’s super cool. Mr. Printables, where it’s from, is a new favorite for crafty ideas.

And finally, some links for the weekend.

This list of Things I want my daughter to know is lovely.

A great article on doubt. I can’t wait till Emm is old enough to read Rookie, it’s so good.

Lots of great ideas (including my basement) in this working with what you have link-up.

I put this in the Things graphic too, I really want to try it this weekend. Wallpapering walls with gift wrap – genius!

Amazing jewelry from paperclips. Click through to the link on paperclip chandeliers too.

This site for maker kids. We just registered Roan, he’s prepping his first post as I type. So cool.

Sparktruck’s new kick starter. Check out the cool kid running their mini-truck at 2:18.

The latest Sweet Paul magazine is full of wonderful stuff as always.

And the picture links.
Bike stuff. Bed. Tape. Shoes. Tunic. Lights. Owl. Bubbles. Salt Dough Eggs. Easter Tree.


Have a lovely weekend!


julep heart wall

Have you seen Minted’s new blog, Julep, with managing editor Liz Stanley of Say Yes to Hoboken? I like its focus on “design” crafts, they always seem to be imaginative yet simple. And we all know I need simplicity in my crafting attempts.  I especially like this origami heart wall, a perfect examples of design craft personalized.


Along with great crafts, they also showcase  party decor ideas, like the Valentine’s above. What do you think of this new trend, businesses having inspiring blogs? This one definitely doesn’t seem to be a constant advertisement for their wares.


Thursday’s Things

thursday collage

A perfect print in a pretty white kitchen, navy everything (seriously, I had three more navy things marked. Navy – the new black. Also,  the old navy), pretty jewels, new books (the english to english Emily Dickinson evokes fond memories of a favorite teacher) and a serious need for some peace and quiet. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Thursday’s Things

thursdays things

I’m down this week with neck and shoulder pain, a good reminder that I really need to move more and take care of my aging self. That knowledge didn’t stop me from poking around on the internet too much though and finding bunches of things to covet.

This week I’m loving not so valentine-y Valentine’s cards, funky prints (I like the owls for Emm’s room), reminders of spring (especially remembering when I could pick roses from my garden for centerpieces), sweet treats as always and a wish that our next election could have some smart and funny women working the discussion.



In addition to these great finds, I saw this site for unbelievably cheap statement necklaces the other day. $2.99?I think I can find that in the budget. Which one would you choose?


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