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towels Hey guys. How ya doing today? Great? Me too (not really, but let’s pretend everyone in my house has slept and not been plagued by ongoing night terrors, ok?). So, let’s talk about towels. I know.  It is exciting.  Thanks for playing along.

I’ve seen these Turkish towels, peshtamals,  pop up all over the place for a while now. Not only are they prettier than your average terry cloth, they claimed to be more absorbent, take up less space, to dry quickly, etc. etc. Plus, you know, trendy.  Just what every good bathroom needs. Practically speaking though, they did seem to have some benefits. We have a teeny, tiny bathroom (6 foot square. Four people. Yes) with no ventilation. There’s a window vent, but you don’t want that open in the winter. So towels that take up less space and dry quickly were appealing.  As ours were getting gross, I decided to give these a try.

After much searching I purchased them from Etsy. (here and here) The ones sold as a set shipped from Turkey. I ordered those suckers December 26th and they arrived last week. So, there’s that. The other ones, which, btw, seem exactly the same, shipped from Atlanta. They arrived the same week they were ordered. And they are cheaper without a sale.

But on to the review. What you came here for, yes? Unsolicited product reviews. As advertised, they take up significantly less space. I can now store my extra towels in a basket 1/3 the size of the one needed for my old towels. And with their narrower hanging profile, there is finally room for us to add more hooks. We only have three, as when we redid the bathroom there were just three of us. And they dry very quickly.  Considering how thin they are they must be more absorbent. They are  more effective as cover ups as they are much longer than a regular towel and they stay up better (great for when the in-laws are in and you’ve forgotten your robe). They are also, I think, prettier. And I do like pretty.

towels 001


But. They are not terry cloth.  They take some getting used to, as you have to put a bit more effort into drying off.  Its weird, you feel like you’re not getting dry but then suddenly you’re more dry than you would be with a regular towel. They have an exfoliating quality, although that is diminishing somewhat with repeated washings. I kind of like it. They get really wet when you’re drying off, so by the end, in our old house, in winter, they’re a little chilly. Especially if you’re drying off longer hair.

My kids have mixed feelings about them. Roan loves them. He particularly loves being wound up in one after the bath like a mummy. Emmeth oscillates between tolerating them and hating them, depending on where she is on the sensory scale after her shower. She would prefer the soft, mostly because she refuses to put the effort into rubbing the towel around to get dry and just stands in the bathroom yelling “I’m wet”. It’s ridiculous.

So there you are. My review of the currently on-trend peshtamal towel. Would I buy them again? I think so, I like having a dry towel that doesn’t smell of mildew (yes, I washed the old ones in baking soda, etc. It helped, for a while). Would I buy them if I didn’t have our bathroom and storage constraints? I’m not sure.

Anyone else use these?



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